Nicole and Gerry Wienholt are wonderful people. Husband and wife. Yoga studio co-owners and teachers. Sincerely warm and enthusiastic. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with them to adapt their delightful brand to an iPhone scheduling app for their Boulder yoga studio.

This is still in work but thought I’d share the app in progress.

The main goal of the app is to provide students with mobile access to the studio schedule. As part of a discussion on how the app could provide additional value, though, we realized they had tons of wonderful imagery of their teachers. We decided to add an Asana reference library with Sanskrit definitions. Check out some of these poses. That’s Nicole in the pink on the far right.

We hope to release V.1 in the next few weeks. V.2 will include reminders and an expanded Asana library. Namaste.

I just finished a new website project, and it got me to thinking about process. Since this was a new product and brand, really, it was important from the beginning to have an understanding of who we were speaking (and selling) to. I asked lots of questions.

And, of course, many more. This discovery helped narrow down what the client really wanted his brand to be:

I should probably mention that this product is an online relationship awareness survey. We reviewed a lot of sites like, eharmony and OkCupid. We also looked at other relationship survey sites. Armed with all of this information, I presented four concepts: Read More

I was in Europe several weeks ago. Not even counting the first hand exposure to countless classic masterpieces, these things stood out from a design perspective.


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